Potpourri #1071

Not a lot to say today, as much time has been spent looking for a suit for #1 daughter’s wedding, and a new lawnmower.  Failure on both counts so far!  Perhaps we need some guinea pigs on lawn mowing duty, but that won’t help much for the wedding?  So here are a few pictures….

A small American industry yard, Fall River, Massachusetts.  This would make a good module or shunting layout.  It’s good to see that not all US yards are miles long…. 

fall river

One exception to the rule were the New York yards fed by car float.  Here’s the Erie in 1926….


Also American, a Santa Fe yard goat.  A lot of character in this lash-up of a locomotive, and more interesting than a Big Boy?


I wish someone would make a model of these Southern 4-6-0’s – an S15 and a Scotch King Arthur.


Great picture of a W class round the back of Stewarts Lane shed.  In the olden days, one could get a good view of this bit of the shed from the South London line on the viaduct above. (Photo John Benson.)


And another W, a Mike Morant photo.  It’s a shame that none of these survived for preservation.  They have a lot of character, and would have been ideal for trundling along heritage lines at 25mph.


Despite my Southern loyalty, I have a soft spot for a humble Jinty.  This one has condensing gear fitted for working around the Metropolitan lines in central London.  If I recall correctly, these were a slightly earlier class than the usual Jinty, with a square bunker.  But a possible Farish conversion?


Finally, this is a certain Peter Lockyer’s back garden.  What a great way to extend ones hobby into the garden.  I think that he’s an Isle of Wight enthusiast….


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