Out and about – Folkestone Show

Cha(i)rman Allan writes….
Had a good day on Sunday when I went to the Folkestone Show with my friend, Miles.  There were a good number of  ‘N’ Gauge layouts and the rest were not bad either.  This show is always worth a visit.  After the show we ended up on Folkestone Downs overlooking the Euro Tunnel site.  There are also good views over the Channel (it could have been clearer).
After this we headed home as normal.  We passed the Peene Museum/Elham Valley Railway Museum, which is normally shut but surprise, surprise, it was open this time.  The site is well worth a visit for a small entrance fee.  We parked in their car park, which is one one side of the old Folkestone – Canterbury line, which I think closed around 1947 (?).  You walk round their barn/museum/shop and up on over the embankment to the other half of the site where there is a sit-on railway for the smaller kids.  Then came the surprise.  They have an ‘N’ Gauge layout of the Cheriton Site.  I do not know if this is from the old Visitors Centre but it was well worth a look at.  There is another buidling, which is used as a museum in which there is another ‘N’ Gauge layout showing the old route of the Folkestone – Canterbury line (Elham Valley Line) with photos about each station along the line etc.
Peene is near the Cheriton Euro Tunnel Terminal.  You come off the M20 at the Cheriton/Folkestone junction then head back on the A20.  As you go under the entry road and railway line for Channel Tunnel site take the first right and follow the signs.
It was well worth a visit and the on-site cafe is not bad as well.

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