Jon’s modules – wiring the point motor switches

You will have probably realised that wiring is not my strong point.  I use as many terminal blocks as possible for joints and to manage the wiring.  I also probably use thicker wire than I need to – 3 amp twin flex.  That’s my civil engineering background of overdesign.  But I have also found wiring flex to a small DPDT point motor switch is not easy at my time of life.

point_switchSo I came up with this little fix.  The switch is recessed into the facia, and is mounted on a 3mm ply plate glued to the back of the facia.  A terminal block takes the main supply into the switch.  The block is then connected to the switch with small diameter phone wire.  Easy to solder to the switch and the soldering can be done on the bench before installation to the layout.

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