Exquisite ‘Earlswood’

Despite my interest in trains and trams American, this new offering from Dapol was irresistible (pictures, Hattons of Liverpool).  I’ve lived in Earlswood for 27 years, so the Terrier of that name just had to be added to my collection…..

2S-012-001_1591834_Qty1_2 2S-012-001_1591834_Qty1_1

The history of the real thing was as follows:

  • Built Brighton Works 1880
  • Based Eastbourne 1887-1894
  • Condensing apparatus removed 1896
  • Based Earlswood Yard 1900-1906
  • Offered surplus to Isle of Wight 1908 (IWCR declined)
  • Converted for motor train 1909 (condensing apparatus replaced?)
  • Ran into Brighton buffers 1909
  • Allocated to Bognor 1912
  • Allocated to Coulsdon 1916 (Couldson – Crystal Palace motor train)
  • Sold to Admiralty (Invergordon) 1918
  • Later to Dalmore Distillery (until 1922?)
  • Sold to Shropshire & Montgomeryshire (1922) (ran as No. 9 ‘Daphne’)
  • Purchased by Eastleigh Works for spares 1939

Quite a varied career, even for a Terrier, but ‘Earlswood’ was never rebuilt into an A1X.  The model has condensing apparatus, which is incorrect for ‘Earlswood at Earlswood’, but I can put up with that.  Its time at Earlswood is summarised as follows:

The year 1900 saw No. 83 posted, appropriately enough, to Earlswood, a sub-shed of Three Bridges.  Here it assumed pilot duties at a modest goods yard between Earslwood and Redhill.  Although, in fact, the locomotive carried the code ‘EARLS’ on its frames, it spent its nights in the open air.  At weekends it worked light engine to Three Bridges for routine maintenance – the SECR having declined this service unless payment was made 12 months in advance!

Thanks to Derek for the above details and for ordering the models (from Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup).  At that time, the Redhill shed, 3/4 mile up the line and operational until the end of steam at Redhill, was run by the SECR, and Earlswood was the LBSCR sub-shed.  The goods yard at Earlswood is long gone, but the handsome station building remains.


Copyright Ian Capper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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