The world’s most luxurious train?

Could this be a future release for Kato?  Beats slam-door electrics, anyway….  (From the Daily Telegraph website).  The newspapers continue to supply an interesting stream of prototype railway curios.  And I can’t resist reposting them!

There will be two competing luxury trains coming your way in Japan.  The first, set to begin operation in spring 2017, is the champagne-coloured East Japan Railway Co (JR East) train that looks set to be the most luxurious and modern in existence. The Asahi Shimbun website reports that the 10-carriage train will accommodate up to a maximum of just 34 passengers in a setting that is intended to match the standards of a high-end hotel.

Details of their plans come shortly after West Japan Railway Co (JR West) unveiled plans for its own luxury service, also expected to launch in 2017. The art deco-inspired train will incorporate a restaurant, lounge and viewing areas and will accommodate just 30 passengers.

The most luxurious train service currently in operation in Japan is the Kyushu Seven Stars sleeper service, described as the Japanese equivalent of Europe’s Orient Express services. Its carriages are decorated with hinoki cypress wood, Japanese paper screens and bamboo blinds and it runs through some of Japan’s most beautiful landscapes.

Paul, you’d better start saving……


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2 Responses to The world’s most luxurious train?

  1. big al says:

    Ok. We’re is the driver going to sit?


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