Quote and pictures of the week….

The most excellent UK theologian NT Wright (almost my personal guru), talking about the Apostle Paul’s writings….

“All this is of course complex, but necessarily so.  Attempts to reduce that complexity in the pursuit of an easier comprehensibility are the equivalent of trying to make a model locomotive out of Playdough.  Some parts may look familiar, but the train won’t run down the track.”

Sorry Tom, but this applies to a lot of my modelling, as well as to theology!  Now to read the remaining 9oo pages of the book.  And you thought model railways were fun….

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the ecclesiastical world, the Rev. Awdry appears to be in trouble.  Well, at least Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle are.  Paul’s photographs from the last ESNG club night show the offending items being taken to the scrapyard – probably to face a charge of heresy.  Thomas appears to have lost his funnel after a little heavy-handed questioning.  No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

DSCF0208 DSCF0206

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