ESNG work party – 31 August 2014 – and the Andover Show

It’s been a train-rich weekend, and a welcome relief from an interesting week.  Firstly, I got a report completed for work that had been hanging around for far too long.  Then we had a new central boiler installed.  A good professional job, but the existing hot water tank leaked – a hairline crack opened when it cooled off and contracted, so we had to have a new one.  And when the fitters went to fire up the boiler, nothing happened.  Not their fault – the boiler manufacturers are in on Monday to find out what’s wrong – probably a computer software glitch.  On a boiler of all places.  And finally, the car wouldn’t start and needed a new battery.

So, come Saturday, I needed a little light relief, and headed for the Andover show.  About 70 miles each way, but it was good to get out and just drive.  And have a full English breakfast on the way.  The show was pretty good, with some quality modelling.  Well laid out in two big school halls as well, so there was no crush and plenty of room to move around.  Too much GWR for my personal liking, but Andover is in the heart of the old GWR territory.  I enjoyed the ‘O’ gauge and the narrow gauge offerings, especially.

On Sunday it was the ESNG work party and although only three of us attended (the hon. treasurer thought it was next month and went out for the day), we got a lot of useful work done.  In particular, the fiddle yard has needed some protection to all it’s route selection wiring for a number of years, as it lives in a cupboard with all sorts of hoovers, mops and buckets.


It looks a lot safer now, and even a thin cover has stiffened up the ply framework.


We also checked the electrical continuity of the fiddleyard boards and all the club corner boards.  We rewired a few plugs and remade a couple of dry soldered joints.  All now looks good for Stuttgart in November.  We finally cleaned all the track and made a few repairs to the scenery.  And of course, the day finished with a curry!


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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