ESNG meeting – 4 September 2014

The schools are back and the club was busy tonight.  It was good to see Honest John back in circulation, and new member Roger actually came back.  We must have been too kind to him last time.  Mr Apps was back from holiday, and managed to collect almost all the outstanding annual memberships.

What was running?  I ran in the power cars from my 2 4-CEP Southern Region EMUs.  I have had them both for a while, but never ran them.  Typical new N-gauge (new Farish), they ran beautifully straight out of the box.  I have invested in some Dapol buckeye couplers, so will now replace the Rapido with some more realistic (for EMUs) couplers.  Scrapyard Thomas made another appearance, together with another Japanese goods train.  And Derek (Atfield) gave his latest creation a test run.  This was a London Underground train.  It started life as a Corgi 2012 Olympics non-running model, but addition of a Tomytec chassis got it running, and it will feature on the Union Street module subway.

it was also very pleasing that the repairs carried out on Sunday are all working OK, and the wiring has continuity on all tracks and all boards.  I can’t think of much else to report, but it was a pleasant and sociable evening playing trains.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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