MODELING- New Weathering Technique..for me

An interesting technique that was new to me too. Not sure how well it would work in N-gauge though!

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I have become a fan of plastic modelers who build armor and aircraft models. No, I am not building them but I am learning new techniques from this band of talented modelers.  I know many of you share my interest in seeing what the other side does.


I found several techniques on the web that were similar in approach.  It involves the use of salt crystals to mask a base coat on a model.   In my case, I am finishing an older single sheath boxcar that had a galvanized steel roof.  This type of metal doesn’t hold paint well.  Some roads apply car cement to the roof to improve finish retention.  Car cement is a tar-like substance.

I started out by applying a primer or base coat that is similar to the color of galvanized metal.  Once the paint is cured, I began the process by moistening the roof in spots with distilled water with a wetting agent added.   You don’t need…

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