An ideal present for the railway enthusiast

After the Stuttgart marathon blog, back to some more random railway posts.

Have you ever wondered what to call your model railway?  It’s easy if you are modelling a real prototype, or making a free-lanced line in real countryside.  But what name to choose that’s not to0 cliched, clever, or just too rude?  Here’s the idea present for you.

The advertising ‘blurb’ describes it as follows:

And that’s why so much time, effort and forensic levels of pedantry have gone into making our Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names, which boasts a huge number of funny, strange, slightly rude and just plain silly place names… Whichever way you look at them, we think they are simply the greatest Great British place names. We sincerely hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we have.

The Daily Telegraph reviews it:

A wall map featuring just about every rude and silly place name in the country was launched this week – the perfect Christmas stocking filler for the immature among us.

The Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names (£22; published by Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick; claims to be the first of its kind and features 1,400 locations – including 136 “bottoms”.

Looks just about right for most ESNG members!  The bits of map the Telegraph showed seem to have omitted my West Country favourites – the ‘Camels’, that include the delightful ‘Queen Camel’.  Put that on your GWR branchline and await reaction.  But from the same part of the country come:

Curry Mallet, Little Puddle, Upton Cow Down, Tiptoe, Plush

And the ‘bottoms’:

Crinkley Bottom, Charity Bottom, Scratchy Bottom, Breakheart Bottom, Shepherd’s Bottom, Happy Bottom, Rainbow Bottom, Snail’s Bottom, Velvet Bottom, Burnt Bottom

And I dare you to call your layout, ‘Droop’.

Finally, going over the border to Stirling, how about ‘Teapot’?

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