Hong Kong – Tram Jam

Today’s title is blatently stolen from an excellent 1984 collection of photographs of trams in HK.  It tended towards the artistic, rather than the boring railway enthusiast album, but was none the worse for that.  (And it is still available second-hand from Amazon UK.)

What do you call a group of trams?  You have a flock of sheep, a pride of lions, and delightfully, a charm of goldfinches.  In Hong Kong at least I suggest a “kaleidoscope of trams”.  On New Year’s Day I travelled down to HK Island from Kwun Tong to meet my old work colleague Peter Stuckey for dinner.  I was a little early and caught the last of the light to snap this procession of trams on Johnson Road (next to the prosaically named ‘Southorn Playground’.)  However, there were none of the new-build trams amongst them.

tram1 tram2 tram3 tram4 tram5 tram6 tram7 tram8

We then had an excellent meal (as below).  Fried fish with egg and sweetcorn, tofu and greens and the ever reliable sweet and sour pork.  Followed by a cup of coffee at the base of Hopewell Centre, where we had worked on the 51st floor through the 1980’s.



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