Pictures at an (ESNG) exhibition #2

Today, a few picture of the non-modular, stand-alone, layouts….


Writing this post, I was surprised to realise that Kuritu was the only non-modular, non-ESNG layout – due to three layouts dropping out of the show (all for very good reasons, I hasten to add.)  Kuritu would have been my favourite, anyhow, for being (1) a Japanese interurban, (2) very well presented with an unusual double-sided layout, vies on both sides, and (3) lots of very good modelling, capturing the Japanese scene.  Spot the rice paddies and the cherry blossom in these photographs.

l_01 l_02 l_03


Ian (not paying attention in the photograph) and Alex kept Oakhurst running impeccably all day.  I was very impressed by the slow running on this little preserved line.


Earl’s Wood

I brought Earl’s Wood along as a static exhibit, as I rightly guessed that I wouldn’t have time to do any shunting on it.  However, I was glad it came along, as it filled part of the gap left by Dawes Creek, and I might have got an exhibition invite for it.

l_05 l_06

Bleak Moor

Neil and Martin kept the punters happy with Neil’s layout.  A procession of realistic trains could be seen passing through the countryside, recognisable as that of the Settle and Carlisle line.  Equally impressive was the speedy way they put 24 foot up layout up, and took it down again after the show (returning it to Swanley before beating us back to Redhill for the traditional curry!)

l_07 l_08 l_09 l_10

Kato Racetrack

Last but definitely not least was Paul’s display of Kato Unitrack and bullet trains.  This was a slow starter, as there were a number of electrical problems, but all lines were working by the afternoon.  It was interesting to see the number of enthusiasts who were captivated by a sectional track layout set up on tables, and also the children who seemed more interested in the muttering and wiring going on, than watching trains elsewhere.


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