ESNG meeting – 15 April 2015

There was a distinct post-exhibition lethargy amongst the members tonight.  We didn’t much feel like putting up the N-mod.  But then young Bruno arrived with trains to run, together with Paul and Peter, so we quickly got a small circuit together.  Fewer trains than usual were running, but it was worth putting the track together.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members conferred.  The treasurer and I worked through the show accounts.  It looks to be a positive result again, that will give some spending money for our next outing……

We then sat down to think about this year’s visit to Stuttgart (the N-Club International  Convention – 19th-22nd November 2015 – Stuttgart).  We tried to work out how to reduce the cost of getting there, and who might go if we kept the cost down.  The end result was a definite desire to exhibit there again, and some ideas as to a different display than from previous years.  Very pleasing, as we had wondered whether we would be able to attend this year.

More pictures from the exhibition next time.  The budgie is flying out to Hong Kong again today, so I may just try and visit another part of the railway system.

And a reminder for ESNG members – we have another PlayDay on Sunday 10 May, 2-7pm followed by curry.


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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