ESNG meeting – 1 October 2015

Well, the meeting was buzzing tonight.  13 members present, and it all got a bit much for the treasurer with so much money to collect, so he took a break to lock up the school.  the chairman didn’t make it due to dodgy knees and an early round.  Is it coincidental that whenever he can’t make it, numbers go up?  Surely not!

Here we see a number of the amusing little ESNG members in their natural habitat….  Whoops, touch of the David Attenboroughs.  Honest John was testing a number of delightful Grey Goose Mouse (or should it be geese mice) units.  I understand these were pioneer overhead electric units, capable of working off four supply voltages, with multiple pantographs to suit.  Paul was running a mix of bullet trains and other Japanese multiple units.  Some of the ‘normal’ commuter units are again good looking trains.


Derek had an old Graham Farish 4-4-0 and four wheel coaches in Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway livery.  It ran very well for much of the evening without overheating or any other old Farish tricks.  This blue livery always looks very smart, but the real interest in the line was it’s joint ownership between the Midland and LSWR, later LMS and Southern.  This provided an eclectic mix of stock that makes a very good model.  The line was closed, probably unwisely, during the 1960’s.


Finally, Simon had a large American steamer on show with a long train of oil tankers.


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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