This will cut you down to size?

My latest copy of the British NMRA region magazine, Roundhouse, has an interesting article by David McLaughlin…..

Honey, I shrunk the Railroader!

Have you ever dreamed of being trackside or being in the cab of your favourite diesel or steam engine with your hand on the throttle?  And on the layout that you’ve created?

Well, actually no.  I’m not that sad and my dreams are generally far more interesting (but I’m not going there.)  Read on….

Well, now you can – or at least a scanned and 3D printed version of you can…..

Here’s how it works: you dress up how you’d like your scale figure to appear with whatever you’d like your scale figure to be holding, and then Alan does a 360 scan of you using a handheld scanner.  Alan then edits the 3D image to remove the background and any other extraneous bits and the figure is then 3D printed.

I’ve been trying to get rid of my extraneous bits for years.  But it does seem a fun idea and the Modelu website is worth a browse.  This is what they have to say about scanning…..


Perhaps we could get some 3D prints of the ESNG crown done and put them on the layout?  Allan would be making the tea.  Derek Apps would be in the ticket office counting the money.  You get the idea….  So I’ll stop there before I lose a number of good friends!

If you’re interested, it will be happening at a number of shows later this year.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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