ESNG Exhibition 2016

The trouble with being an exhibition manager is that as soon as one show is over, you have to start planning for the next.  And as such it is almost impossible to resign from the job, as you are starting the next show even as the dust is settling from the last one!

However, I did have a couple of months off after the 2015 bash, then realised I had better start getting 2016 organised.  A string of emails and phone calls later, we might just have a fully booked show again, and I think it might be one of our better ones.

We’ve fixed the date – April 9th 2016 – and booked St Joseph’s school again, as it has worked so well for the past two years.  And what’s on display?  (Assuming we don’t get the same number of drop-outs as last year – all totally reasonable, but I’m due a little luck.)

The three modular layouts went down very well last year so we’re doing it again.  Our own display will include a mix of N-mod (4 track) and N-club (2 track) modules:

  • ESNG N-mod and N-club modular layout.
  • Berkshire NGS group N-mod modular layout.
  • West Sussex NGS group N-mod modular layout.

Stand alone layouts from the club include:

  • Leonard (modern SR)
  • St Chant (BR/SR)
  • St. Elizabeth Street (modern BR)
  • Kato Racetrack (Japan – bigger and better with more bullet trains)

Visitors include;

  • Azuza Street (USA switching layout)
  • Brighthampton (BR/SR)
  • Southbridge (GWR)

We have the same selection of traders as last year:

  • BH Enterprises (for the bits and pieces you never knew you needed)
  • Invicta Model Rail (for all the latest releases)
  • JB’s Model World (for your blue storage boxes)
  • NScaleCH (for second-hand Swiss and others)
  • Winco (European ‘N’)
  • Ian Grace

And last but not least, we have:

  • The N Gauge Society Stand
  • The ESNG second-hand shop

I think it will be a good show!  I now need to find time to finish my N-club modules (I seem to say this every year!)

2016 flyer single


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