ESNG meeting – 17 February 2016

No report for yesterday’s meeting, I’m afraid.  I have the poor excuse that I am sitting in Singapore for a week, having been asked to visit and do a presentation at rather short notice.  OK, it’s a hardship posting, but I’m not seeing much of Singapore!  I did, however, have a plate of something that would go down well at ESNG, “Indian Railway Lamb Curry.”  Very tasty and probably not a small sheep hit by a train…

I also managed to miss a working party last Sunday.  Hopefully, we have done a few running repairs on the fiddle yard and repaired some wiring ready for the ESNG show in April.  I did get this mail from Allan:

Had a good time with the two Derek’s.
Mr. Apps. Has sorted out the under side of the fiddle yard. Then sorted out Ted’s dashboard so we should be able to use this board now.
Mr. Atfield sorted replaced the third rail on Martin’s N-club boards. These are now being stored by Mr. Apps.
I helped out where I could & made the tea.

The Cha(i)rman was obviously doing his elected job!

No trains to report (apart from the curry.)  You can take a train from Singapore to Bangkok, through Malaysia, but the old colonial station shown below has been closed, and the terminus moved up to the Woodlands Border Crossing at the Malaysian border.  This is what it used to look like.



The Singapore MRT looks much like the Hong Kong one – probably due to it being built directly after the first HK line – and I think by much of the same team.  The lines are extensive and new ones are under construction.  Note the “Redhill” station on the green line.


The rolling stock comes from a number of suppliers, but are typical MRT coaches – you can’t do much with a carriage designed to carry the maximum number of people in a realtively small tunnel.  I culled these shots from the web – no time to go train hunting.



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