Jon’s modules – Looping the loop

A few weeks ago, I rashly said I had to build an end loop for the show.  Amazingly, it’s ready to go – far from perfect, but it’s probably the fastest bit of modelling that I’ve ever done.  Progress is shown below.

Woodwork completed, mainly from 6mm ply, with 3mm ply soaked and clamped on for the curves.  The curves look better than they are….


Trackwork down.  I’ve used Peco Setrack 3 & 4 radius curves, but they’ve been trimmed a bit in places to give the required geometry.


Ballast and basic scenery in place.  The ballast is not very good and may need redoing at some point.  The scenic look remarkably good for a couple of hour’s work with plaster cloth and scatter material.


And the final views show the finished modules with a few trees and some mysterious huts in place.



Finally, this week’s bargain.  Four Wheels of Time buses half-price from Walthers.  Even with a little import duty, these were very good value.  Long Beach to the left, LA transit to the right.  All I need is that interurban layout to put them on….


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1 Response to Jon’s modules – Looping the loop

  1. Excellent looking loop – great work! Can’t refuse a bargain bus!


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