Jon’s modules – Is it best to have a deadline?

As you read this, I hope to be relaxing after a successful ESNG.  And I hope my new end loop will have worked.

Show update – we survived, and all went well, despite the disappearing parking!  Pictures to follow next week.

I have been thinking about the place of deadlines in our hobby.  Reading the model railway press, there are some people who seem to put together a layout in six weeks for an exhibition – and it seems to be of good quality.  There are others (rarely in the model press) who enjoy their hobby, but the journey is more important than the destination – they enjoy making things, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

I realise that my progress on my modules has been so, so, slow.  Probably because there are many other things that take priority over them.  I’ve been thinking – do I need to set a deadline to complete them for an exhibition?

Perhaps it comes down to character types.  From work and also from home, I know I am best at delivering a task if I have a deadline.  If I start too early, I’ll mess about for weeks, achieving nothing, then complete things in a short time.  Should I apply this understanding of myself to my hobby?  On one hand, it seems silly to apply pressure to what is meant to be a relaxing pastime.  On the other, it’s more frustrating getting nothing done at all, than to be pressured to complete a model or two.

Oh well, maybe I’ll set some dates NEXT week…..

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