Baseboard joints

I recently came across this interesting product.  I’ve been using copper-clad strip at my baseboard edges to keep alignment, but the strips I’ve used are a bit wide and I can’t hide them all under level crossings or board crossings.  I’ve also seen milled or etched sleeper strips to reinforce joints, made by enterprising modellers with the correct machine tools.

But this is beyond my workshop and probably my capabilities.  This product available (at a cost) from the USA would seem to be a good investment.  The sleeper spacing and width would be to US standards – but this is hardly critical for four sleepers at a join.  Perhaps a bigger issue would be using it with Peco code 55 or other track, where the vertical height may vary.  However, I suspect there is nothing here that is not fixable with a little packing or thinning.

Perhaps I ought to order some….


They look better than my current joints!


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2 Responses to Baseboard joints

  1. Looks like a great product true enough…pity its too late for my baseboard too…my board joins look much like yours (only in bigget scale).


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