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I liked this BBC article about “The man who has photographed every train station in Great Britain.”  Not least for the excellent pictures of some far flung stations.

Passengers on the 15:52 from Norwich to Liverpool Lime Street may not have noticed the man with the camera at Manea station.  Manea is a small stop in Cambridgeshire, not far from Peterborough. Two platforms. Easily missed.

The man with the camera was David Brewer, from Chorley in Lancashire. And when he photographed the 15:52 from Norwich, his odyssey was over.

He had completed the set. He had taken a picture of a train in every railway station in Great Britain.  There are more than 2,500 in total. From Penzance to Thurso, Abbey Wood to Ystrad Rhondda, he had seen them all. And he had photos to prove it.

Silly occupation?  Well, it beats geocaching, or trying to hit a small white ball into a tiny hole 400 yards away!  Or modelling the GWR…… (screams of protest.)

What does his wife, Shirley, make of it?  “I have asked her this,” says David. “She’s quite happy for me to be out of the house. She’s not really interested in railways herself.”

However, I suspect he, like me, is a bit of an anorak…..

Last year, he self-published a photographic book, Britain’s Least Used Stations. It takes us from Teesside Airport (eight passengers in 2013/14) to Altnabreac in the Highlands (138 passengers) to Sugar Loaf in Powys (240 passengers)…….

And so, he turned his attention to the London Underground. He’s now photographed every tube station, plus all the stops on the Docklands Light Railway, Croydon Tramlink, Midland Metro, Nottingham Tram, Manchester Metrolink, Sheffield Supertram, Tyne and Wear Metro, and Edinburgh Tram.

Here’s the remote Duncraig station on the shores of Loch Carron…..


And the prototype for everything department.


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