Four links and a club update

ESNG has an updated website – as Eric Morecambe would say, same words but in a different order.  It’s all written in the free Mobirise software and should work on your mobile phone.  I’ll add a few more pages soon….

What’s the last thing you want to see on a train journey?  Perhaps the driver running down the train saying that you’re about to hit something in 3 seconds’ time!  See how this played out in Poland on this BBC link.

Indonesia’s first high speed train will run from Jakarta to Bandung.  It must be better than by road, although new motorways have speeded up that journey.  I remember in the 1990’s the joy of two flights totalling 15 hours, followed by a 7 hour road journey down to South Java via Bandung.  If you survived the flight, the DVT got you on the road (if the manic petrol tanker drivers missed out.)

The High Speed Train, or Intercity 125, is celebrating its 40th year of operation.  As part of the celebrations, six engines were on display in Bristol, and the very first HST was renamed Sir Kenneth Grange, after the man who designed it.  Nearly 5,000 people turned up to take a look.  This BBC news items records the event.

And finally, the wild abandoned railway in the centre of Paris…..

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