ESNG meeting – PlayDay 10 July 2016

After a slow start to the afternoon, I had to slip out of the meeting to go and see the venue for my son’s wedding in August.  After this visit, I came back to find the hall heaving!  There were about 15 members and visitors….

It was good to see Nick Falconer, Nigel Arnold and Richard Oliver who dropped in to discuss linking up their Koenighafen layout with our N-club and N-mod at Stuttgart.  they brought their end boards to link to N-club….


Good too to see Sean (and Sean jnr.) along with his new layout Forrestone.  It’s coming along very well, and should be ready to exhibit at next year’s ESNG show….





Meanwhile, on the small N-mod circuit we put together, Tommy was trying out his bullet train, Paul was running the usual Japanese goods trains, and Derek was testing an old Graham Farish DMU from Martin’s stock….





One puzzle remained at the end of the afternoon.  What was this piece of plastic found on the hall floor.  Neil suggests a piece from an old Graham Farish Pullman car?


And of course the evening ended with a curry.  A poorly attended curry, I must say, with just the four of us – and three of them were me, my wife and my daughter!

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1 Response to ESNG meeting – PlayDay 10 July 2016

  1. Chris Mears says:

    I quite like the look at Forrestone.

    The plan reminds me of a favourite one from Carl Arendt’s website called Amalgamated Terminal though Forrestone includes more trackage in the engine yard.

    Nice layout.



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