ESNG PlayDay – 25 September 2016

What an excellent afternoon playing trains.  13 paying members, and the treasurer missed the excitement of collecting so much money.  Plus three guests, and with three separate railways set up the hall was getting rather full.


We put a large N-mod circuit together, but had a slight accident when all three corner boards toppled over domino style.  The post office, that had recently been rebuilt, looks like was totally and finally demolished.


Trains were soon running, including this SECR grey ‘N’ class mogul.


And Paul’s new Japanese cement hoppers.  Most attractive wagons, though I doubt they stayed this shade of blue for long.


Paul also tried for the long train record.  140 bogie wagons and a caboose hauled by two Kato locos.  Yes, it has nearly caught itself up.  There were a number of derailments, with the wagons pulling across the corners, but Paul managed a number of successful circuits.


Derek brought along his completed N-club corner board.  You wouldn’t believe that the low level track is a job lot of old Lone Star rails.


The Koenighafen lads brought along a couple of boards to check how they joined up with Derek, ready for Stuttgart.  No problem – the advantage of standard, jig built, ends to the modules.


Sean’s new layout ‘Forrestone’ continues to develop.  He brought it along to add some more buildings, but spent more time talking than modelling.  Just shows it was a good, sociable, afternoon.


A bit big to run on our tracks, but Martin’s ‘G’ gauge Piko loco could tempt one into the larger scales.  It’s as long as a respectable N gauge train.  A nice touch is the bearded driver.


And of course, Miles contributed a most excellent cake!


And the afternoon concluded with the usual curry.

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2 Responses to ESNG PlayDay – 25 September 2016

  1. Which was bigger, the cake or the g scale loco?


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