ESNG meeting – 6 October 2016

We had a slow start to the evening, with Derek the At sunning himself in Portugal, and the Cha(I)rman suffering from an overdose of early milk rounds.  The rails looked a bit empty, as Paul was also on holiday, so no long Japanese trains were on display.

Still, we quickly got a small circuit up and running, and the members trickled in, ending up with a healthy 11 present.  It was good to see Chris again, and even better, he rejoined, making Mr App’s evening.

Most of the trains running were old favourites, and I think Phil got to run most of his stock….


I tried out one of my Toronto Peter Witts on the main line.  Ran like a watch and coped with all our iffy track joints despite its tiny wheels.  The photos below have echoes of the Pacific Electric 4 track sections, but with no overhead, of course….



Yesterday, I got modelling (well at least woodworking) again, building a cover for a module to go to Stuttgart.  And today I’m waiting for the postman AGAIN, with my new Dapol Class 33 about to drop onto the mat.  Must stop spending money….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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2 Responses to ESNG meeting – 6 October 2016

  1. Terrible affliction that spending money syndrome… it’ll make a poor man out of you!


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