The Daily Telegraph came up with this intriguing website….

Fed up railway commuter builds website to track every time a train operator apologises

Delays, cancellations, strikes, overcrowded trains and irregular services: millions of British commuters know the pain of travelling by rail.

But few have gone as far as Omid Kashan, a web designer and developer in Manchester, who went to the trouble of building a website that tracks every time a British operator says sorry.
The site logs each time an operator’s Twitter account says “sorry” or “apologies” in response to disgruntled passengers.

Try it here!  When I looked, it was showing….


But Southern had the best offering….


Maybe ‘apple shampoo’ is a new business line?

If you can’t get into London for work, you can console yourself with this article, “The Tube stations where you’re most likely to be pickpocketed.” 

Nearly 4,000 thefts were reported on the Underground throughout the 12-month period, according to statistics, which were obtained from Metropolitan Police Service under the Freedom of Information Act. That’s an average of 333 thefts per month, or just over 10 thefts per day.

The Tube line most beleaguered by pickpockets is the Central line, upon which 632 reported thefts occurred between January 2015 and February 2016

If you travel through King’s Cross, Oxford Street or Victoria, at least it’s safer to keep off the trains and stay at home!

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