Odd modelling ideas #20171

A couple of interesting modelling challenges from the Daily Telegraph for the New Year….

First, the Crystal Palace Subway.

It’s been more than 60 years since a train last pulled up to the forgotten station – but this beautiful underground heritage site could soon have a new lease of life.  The stunning Victorian Crystal Palace Subway, in south London, was built almost 150 years ago but has been closed to passengers since 1954….

The station was originally built to bring passengers to the Crystal Palace, once the largest glass structure in the world, before it was destroyed by fire in 1936.  In 1961, the inside of the station was demolished, although the walkway still remains today.


The stunning Crystal Palace Subway Credit: Getty

This location has a personal connection.  My father watched from his bedroom window in Penge as the original Crystal Palace (built to house the Great Exhibition of 1851, and with some interesting railway exhibits, then moved to this location) burnt down.  The subway would be a challenge to model in itself.  I think the Crystal Palace would be a step to far….



The second link takes in the esoteric world of Soviet bus stops, that seem to have been an area of free expression in the Soviet era.

Photographer Christopher Herwig has covered more than 30,000 km by car, bike, bus and taxi in 14 former Soviet countries discovering and documenting these unexpected treasures of modern art.

Any of these would make an excellent ‘folly’ rather than the standard London Transport bus shelter.  From the simple….


To the ridiculous….


To the sublime…..


Purchase a copy of Herwig’s book here.  I’m sorely tempted, as I may recognise the locations in Azerbaijan and Georgia.  Your coffee table will never be the same again!!

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3 Responses to Odd modelling ideas #20171

  1. Chris Mears says:

    Thanks for the tip on the bus shelter book. I’m really intrigued and think I might order a copy.



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  3. Stunning photos! I didn’t even know some of these pieces existed so close to me! Will definitely have to check them out – Following!

    If you’re interested in Charity shopping in South London, I’ve just written a review on Octavia Foundation, Tooting. Have a read and spread the word on the good work that they do: tootinghustle.wordpress.com

    Happy blogging x


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