It’s 2017 – Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all our readers!

What will 2017 bring?  I hope that I will get more modelling done, and have a number of projects lined up, having purchased a range of bits and pieces.  I can’t see much that I want to buy.  All the major manufacturers are way behind with their delivery dates, and here in the UK Bachmann/Farish have decided to only announce models when they are ready for release.  I have far too much USA stock to use at one go, but any Lehigh Valley releases will always be tempting.  And there are rumours of a Kato or Tomix PCC car.

However, there are also a number of bathroom brochures collected by my better half that need some attention…..

And finally, if you missed a White Christmas this year, you should have visited the edge of Sahara in Algeria.  The first White Christmas for 40 years.


And as a PS on the 2nd, I couldn’t resist borrowing this from N Gauge Forum…..


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