ESNG meeting – 18 January 2017

After a busy weekend visiting exhibitions, it was time for ESNG club night.  However, the sub-zero evening must have put people off.  At 7:30pm only Derek, Derek and I were there.  Graham turned up a little later and we generally chewed the fat.  At 8pm, we had just decided to give up for the evening, when Chris arrived all the way from Camberley.  We didn’t offer to run any trains, but chatted for another half-hour, then retired home.

I hope we do better at the next meeting!  We normally get one like this every year, but two meetings with no running would be a bit of a luxury.

A caveat emptor from Peter, who sent his apologies for the evening together with a description of how his Flying Scotsman seems reluctant to fly…

In case any members purchase a brand new version of the Flying Scotsman (l have the Wartime black version) the front pair of wheels of the bogie do not lie flat on the track and when push down on to the track, appear to lift the front drive wheels locomotive, hence causing derailments. Both Dapol and DCC have advised me that a new ‘old’ bogie should solve the problem, only time will tell.

And to finish, two links to downloadable card kits…

This Canadian one offers a number of free kits to download.

Kingsway models have a lot of very good bus and tube orientated buildings.  I liked the District Line retaining walls, that could be useful for other locations.

And of course all the OO kits can be shrunk down to N.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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