Allan & Ron head for the hills

It’s August, so it’s holiday time for Allan and Ron.  Creatures of habit, like the Bartlett’s, they head for Switzerland.  As a friend mailed…

Got where? OK let me guess. Where do you two go every year around this time? Ah yes, Toblerone Land. Will you be travelling on a triangular train to visit the triangular factory where triangular people make triangular chocolate from triangular honey and triangular nuts?

Allan reports….

Finally got here after one and half hour delay at Gatport Airwick.  This is the view from our room.

We had two good thunderstorm over night and still raining from the second.

Looks like the weather was the same as our holiday!  But the weather obviously improved the following day….

SWISS NATIONAL DAY GREETINGS FROM LAUTERBRUNNEN.  Waterfall at Stechelberg, others taken on top of Schynige Platte

Is this the Swiss version of a ‘legal high’?

This is the sort of view I’d like if I went to Switzerland, but I bet it would rain all the time!

And the waterfall…

And finally a train (sort of).

What do you do with old locomotives?  The green one has running gear and motor.(behind the board).  The red one is just a body.  Would make a nice shed.

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