ESNG meeting – 3 August 2017

I had lost track of our members’ holidays, and was pleasantly surprised by a positive sighting of Mr Atfield, who brought along his Royal Train for a test run.

The fiddle yard looked a little bare – at least it would have done without Paul’s Japanese container train – must have been about 20′ long.

I enjoyed running this pick-up goods with an ‘N’ class mogul and a few open wagons.

And Graham had a steam hauled heavyweight passenger train on display.

Allan is, of course, still in Switzerland, and more photos will no doubt follow!

This caught my eye in the Grauniad Guardian newspaper…

Trainy McTrainface: Swedish railway keeps Boaty’s legacy alive

Winner of public vote to name new engine on Stockholm-Gothenburg line echoes UK poll choice for polar research ship

It’s happened again….. Trainy McTrainface received 49% of the votes in a poll, jointly run by Swedish rail company MTR Express and Swedish newspaper Metro.

The other trains have already been named by the public…. Another is named Glenn, after a long-running joke that everyone in Gothenburg is called Glenn.

MTR Express said the McBoatface decision had led to disappointment worldwide and it hoped the name Trainy McTrainface would “be received with joy by many, not only in Sweden”.

Could make a good model!  And good to see that the Swedish sense of humour is of as low a quality as us here in the UK…

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