Latest dispatch from Switzerland

We had a bit of trouble with the Swiss internet (yes, things do go wrong in Switzerland), and Ron’s pigeon didn’t have the gas to get back to the UK, but here are a few more of Allan & Ron’s photos.  I’ll hopefully get a few more railway shots when Allan is home, but these views do brighten up the day….

Here’s another view of the new ESNG clubhouse (NOT).

Not to be confused with the model version….

And here’s the Cha(I)rman’s official chair, ready for the next ESNG AGM, available at any Swiss branch of Haykea…

A view of the green ‘shed’ that, unlike the red one, has wheels – but no pantograph.

Views from Grimsel Passhohe and from the bus, plus two photos from Oberwald…

And pictures taken at Vitznau and on DS Uri….

And on Sunday:

In an effort to find better weather headed South to Lugano via Gotthard Base Tunnel. Spent nearly an hour sitting in the sun by the lake. These pictures were all taken in Lugano – on station and in funicular down to town and by the lake.


Very misleading. Half an hour up the line it was pouring down and the same when we went back. Back on the north side of the Alps it had started to rain and was heavy when we got back to our hotel. Yet 2 hours later we were having dinner on the terrace in the sun

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