ESNG meeting – PlayDay 8 October 2017

A surfeit of pictures this week – well at least it cuts my pontificating…..

Some club meetings just seem to go very well indeed.  Sunday’s PlayDay was a very pleasant afternoon, and 10 of us had a very sociable afternoon with plenty of trains running, and plenty of conversation.

The fiddle yard had plenty of stock in place, despite missing the Japanese connection with Paul exhibiting at the Croydon show.

Dave’s canal basin has had some detail added including these delightful canal barges.

Sean was testing a new (to him) train, a German ‘tunnel rescue train’.  The prototype has an engine on each end, and loads of rescue equipment in the wagons, and even a hospital car.

Brian ran this lovely Merchant Navy Pacific, and less elegant, but always interesting, Q1 0-6-0.  The Q1 ran like a watch – it seems to be a model where you get a good one or a bad one!

Phil’s Pannier tank wasn’t overloaded!

Allan gave his EWS coal train another run…

I had a Class 33 and a rake of Maunsell coaches plus a couple of utility vans.  It ran smoothly on-and-off for most of the afternoon.  I’m not sure whether the first 33’s ever pulled these coaches, but it looks the part.

ERIC was on display, but this time as a closed depot??

We were missing Paul, but Simon tried for the American equivalent of the monster goods train.  Not as long, but it ran pretty well!

And here’s Brian’s video of the afternoon – showing how a good camera takes better photos and film than my phone….

And it ended with a curry – a good end to a good afternoon.

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