Croydon MRS show 2017 #2

Another old favourite worth seeing again was The Glyn Valley Tramway, an 009 model of Glynceiriog, the passenger terminus of the line that then continued to the slate quarries.  Lots of excellent detail, but it can’t be the slate area of Wales – it’s not grey and raining!

Ian Milroy has obviously been busy!  El Ferrocarril San Maria Gandia is a freelance layout set (can you guess from the name) in Spain, but is closely based on a number of real locations.  It includes HO, HOe narrow gauge, and working road vehicles.  The model includes a single carriageway 1km tunnel where road and rail share the same bore.  Yes, it existed, and the accident rate must have been high!  Excellent modelling and I shall look forward to seeing this one again.

Oak Lane TMD in ‘OO’ could best be described as a noisy layout.  All those sound equipped diesels ticking over….

Sandford and Banwell, in 4mm P4, is loosely based on the eponymous station on the GWR Cheddar Valley line in North Somerset.

Another exhibition regular is the Slindon Vale Railway, in 7mm narrow gauge.  Lots of good cameo scene and detail, and always worth another look.

Also in 7mm narrow gauge, is St Mary’s, based on the Welshpool and Llanfair.

And last but not least, German ‘O’ gauge, with Hochstadt, owned by my old friend John ‘Bill’ Bishop.  We were both members of the Beckenham and West Wickham club in the 1960’s (John is still a member), and are both still playing trains!

That’s Croydon….  It’s a busy few weeks up to follow.  Next week Farnham, then Uckfield, then the Beckenham and West Wickham show, then the weekend exhibiting with the West Sussex Group.  A lot of late passes needed!

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