Modeling For Introverts

Another portion of wisdom from Mike Cougill:

If model railroading is supposed to be so much fun, I wasn’t having any. When I took up it again in the 1990s, I started filling my basement with multiple layouts that snaked along every available wall. I moved and removed the same partition wall at least three times. I built a new wall and later removed it, all driven by the requirements of some trackplan. The punch line for this joke is that none of these plans ever satisfied me. There was always another one that promised to be perfect, whispering its siren song in my ears.

After years of this frustrating experience I was ready to walk away, thinking that I had a deep character flaw that prevented me from ever seeing anything through. The real issue was that I was chasing a dream I actually didn’t want. You see I’m an introvert at heart and I’ve learned that has a huge impact on my practice of the craft.

The mainstream hobby seems to have a singular focus on big layouts, monthly op sessions and other extroverted activities. As an introvert, managing people for an operating session is a nightmare and I have been very critical of the implied notion that this is the only way to enjoy the craft. Us quiet folks over in the corner can feel left out because we aren’t with “the program.” If you’re introverted like me, you may or may not share similar feelings.

The social aspects of the craft are clearly enjoyable for many of you and I must admit there are times when I’m envious of others who are more outgoing. I’m not a life-of-the-party guy though and noisy crowded environments drain the life out of me. I prefer quieter conversations with one or two like-minded people and, by deliberate choice my practice of the craft is a solitary, creative pursuit more than a social one. In fact, I think of modeling time as a safe haven from the chaos that life throws at you.

Ate you an introvert?  Indeed, has ESNG got any introverts???  Please put your answers on a postcard and send them to any blog by this one…..

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1 Response to Modeling For Introverts

  1. I think that the ‘escapism’ is part of the enjoyment.


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