West Sussex N Gauge MRC : 4-5 November 2017 #2

Sunday morning, Mr Dawes’ milkman’s nose again tracked down some bacon and eggs – this time at the ‘Portuguese Grill’ in Littlehampton town centre.  Then it was off to play trains again.  The advantage of a two day show is having this second, more leisurely morning….

Meanwhile, back at the show, we found that Jon the Blue Plastic Box man had set up shop next to Sean.  Elsewhere, Hooks Hills Viaduct was again on show as a ‘working diorama’.  The cassettes at each end are interesting, using Kato Unitrack to make the electrical connections.  However, Chris White is now, perhaps wisely, extending the layout into an oval, with loops to avoid manual changing of trains.

Barrack Way features an army camp, with a wide range of military paraphernalia….

It was good to take another long look at Ian Milroy’s San Maria Gardia.  This time I managed to find the donkey and rotating flamenco dancer – and photograph a bus coming out of the single bore road/rail tunnel (prototypical, I understand.)

Although the WSNG is an ‘N’ gauge society, the show took in all gauges from ‘N’ to ‘G’.  Here we have a dairy and GWR branch line in TT.

Oakley Green is a Southern Region TMD, in ‘OO’ sometime in the 1970’s…..

Some nicely observed Fenland buildings from ‘Welney’ in ‘OO’…

A working Gauge 1 breakdown crane….

And live steam motive power….

Who can resist a whole layout of Hornby-Dublo 3-rail?  Frantenbury brought back memories of how many of us old-timers got into the hobby!

And no show runs perfectly.  A torrential shower on the Saturday morning found the hole in the hall roof, but fortunately missed all exhibits.

And at the end of Sunday we had to take it all down again, and head back to Redhill.  However, breaking down is the easy bit, and after the show closed at 4pm, we were home before 7.  A pleasant weekend with good company.  Thanks too to Dave for helping both days, and Simon and Peter on the Saturday.  Extra help gave me more time to doze on a conveniently placed chair, and then spend too much money with the traders.

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