Stuttgart 2017 #1 – Getting there

Monday afternoon we loaded Allan’s pick-up with all the modules and support equipment for Stuttgart.  The most surprising thing was the number of legs needed, and the room taken by them all.  (Personal note – modify my modules to have integral fold-up legs in the boards.)

Tuesday, 3am (milkman time) Allan set off to pick up Derek, and head for the Channel Tunnel.  3pm they were in Stuttgart, and had offloaded everything in the hall in the neat pile seen below.  I followed Tuesday evening on Sleasyjet, and with a tailwind that got us in half-an-hour early on a 90 minutes flight, I was checked in by 8pm and rescuing my suitcase that had come out with Allan and Derek.

Wednesday morning, we were in the hall soon after 9am, and having unpacked the modules, were, as usual, waiting for our neighbours to get their layout constructed.

The hall looks very empty with no layout and no people – and it’s cold with the doors open.

Derek is already on the hunt for bargains…..

But by 11:30am we were ready to set things up.  The practice runs in the UK were very helpful, as we had everything in place and trains running soon after 3pm.  We went back to the hotel at 4 or so, to relax ready for the real work to start in the morning.

Our link to the outside world was this impressive junction, with full route selection and signalling.  I’m just glad that I didn’t have to operate it, as it was a bit complicated for bears of little brain.

This was the first time that we had exhibited mainly N-club modules, but we also included ERIC, and my N-mod loop, as it provided a length of 4-track line that was useful to store or overtake trains.  ERIC had the same selection of Southern Region locos as we took to the West Sussex show – it saved Derek from repacking them all….

The Clubhouse got its first run at Stuttgart….

Derek’s N-club corner was also there, with Aldersford.  We still had a few issues with the track on Aldersford, but a little adjustment, and removing a track pin and blob of solder improved things no end.  Overall, the layout ran very well, certainly as well as our neighbours’ layouts.

Nearby, Duncan had brought the traditional Sussex Ale, that also acted as a good shelf for the controllers for his Nm layouts.  Mark had said he wanted to operate the layout but it had to be near the beer – can’t get nearer than this….

The helix was there as ever.  It’s very impressive, but never quite delivers – the crashes after a breakaway decoupling are also impressive…..

Elsewhere, the West Sussex club were representing the N-gauge Society.  It was good to spend time with them again, having been to their show earlier in the month.  And very impressive, how they fit so many operators into such a small space….

Finally, proof that I was there.  One day I’ll get the hang of selfies – I think I need a selfie-stick (no way) or longer arms….

More next post….

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