On my workbench #2

As Christmas approached, I found the time to tidy up the railway room, and have made a list of projects and tasks for the weeks and months ahead.  Some might be considered as overambitious…..

But as a simple warmup exercise, I decided to upgrade the two Lima Siphon’s that I had picked up second hand.  This was a quick and nasty job, using the Dapol Siphon G chassis – sometimes available separately – to improve the bogie and underframe detail.

All is needed is to flatten the raised detail on the chassis, except the four pegs on the four corners that locate the body.  The Lima weight is added to the chassis. It could be glued in place, but I opted for a plastic card retainer to prevent it coming loose in the future.  A coat of grimy black, and underframe complete.

The bodies needed a mere sliver of plastic scraped from the inside of the ends, and the Lima body then fits perfectly onto the Dapol chassis.  A coat of grimy black for the roof, and a little ‘gunge’ on the sides completed the job.  The resulting Siphons are seen here posed on ‘Earl’s Wood’.

I really ought to do something about those ridiculous NEM pockets, that space the vehicles so far apart – why did Dapol do this?  And a better coat of paint would be nice.  But this was an ideal project to get me back into model making, rather than buying things!

I’ll report on any progress on other projects in future posts.  In the meantime, I have a new computer to set up.  The old ones screen expired yesterday, probably a short in the laptop hinge, as there was an electrical smell, and the screen went white.  Fortunately, most of my files are in the cloud, and having connected a screen to the laptop, it worked fine, and enabled me to save the rest of my files (not that many).

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