ESNG turns 21 – the evidence?

East Surrey N Gauge is 21 this year, and we thought this auspicious date should be marked in some way.  So this week Derek delivered a large cardboard box to me….

The contents were a 100 off for a Dapol special commission of their gunpowder wagon.  This follows on from the Hall & co coal wagon that we produced a few years ago…..

And here’s the little wagon close up – too close for my phone and I can assure you that the lettering is not at all blurred!  It has the club letters, and is numbered 21.  I like the ‘Return to Redhill’ lettering on the doors.  It did occur to us, that if this batch sells out, we can do another one numbered 25 for the appropriate year…

We’ll be selling these at the 2018 show for the give-away price of £10.  Members have first call though, at a reduced price.  (No Neil, you can’t buy 99 and put them all on Ebay…. )

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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