And, just for a change, another Swiss holiday #4

Allan’s views on, and photos of, the Swiss Vapour Parc….

Had a trip over to Swiss Vapour Parc (This is the correct spelling Jon), which is at La Bouveret on Lake Geneva.
Turned out to be a hot sunny day. A great place to take kids of any age (3-80+).

It’s set in 18,000 m2 of park with over 1.5km of track. There were a number of trains going round on about 3 different routes. One was a rack fitted machine that went over a hill with rack track. There are a number of different bridges that the trains go over, as well as a section of double track. (The second track is the return track). Great fun seeing a train passing you as you go round.

There is a lager restaurant, a Crêperie and snack bar where you can sit and watch trains go by. So make sure you take a ride so you can spot the best place to take photos later. This has got to be one of the best miniature railway I have been to.

As we were leaving we spotted a lake paddle boat heading into the pier. So we headed that way, past a lovey war memorial to a Lancaster that crashed in the hill behind. No one survived and they are buried in the war grave cemetery in Lausanne.

What a end to a lovely day – a trip on a paddle boat M/S Italie. (Sorry no photo. But here is one of sister boat S/S Simplon.)


Wasn’t it Thomas the TT who called snow, “Silly soft stuff”.  But this is what it can do to your track…..

On return to Breinze saw this on the station. Hope you can read the words on the poster about this incident.

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