And, just for a change, another Swiss holiday #9

Day 8

By Allan…..

Sitting here on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon watching trains.  Sitting in platform one is the Gothard Panoramic Express. Or us old farts remember it as the William Tell train. You start your journey in Luzern on a paddle boat then you change at Fluelen to the train over the Gothard.

When the five coach train left today you could have got every one in one coach.  Todays paddle boat for the trip was Stadt Luzern, the flagship of the fleet. She will be withdrawn at the end of the year for major work. They hope to have her back in service in 2021.

Have included a photo of one of the paddle boats as I didn’t see Stadt Luzern today.


And by Ron…. (hope they agree where they’d been)

Another hot day.

Caught bus to Kussnacht only to see our connecting train to Arth Goldau standing in the platform. By the time we got onto the platform the train had left. We had to wait 30 minutes for next train and luckily on arrival we got an immediate connection on train through the Gotthard Base Tunnel to Bellinzona. We then returned over the old Gotthard route to Fluelen with a change at Erstfeld. We left Fluelen on boat back to Vitznau.





Schiller Stone


M&S Weggis leaving Beckenreid


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