Our AGM was last night, and 10 hardy souls came along to enjoy the highlight(?) of the year.  At least we don’t charge subs for this meeting!

Still, it was a useful and laid back time.  The committee got elected back again, despite attempts to promote Graham as Chairman.  Perhaps he needs to improve his tea making ability to really qualify for the post?  I keep threatening to resign as exhibition manager, but the only way out seems to be a large loss at a show!

A few useful discussions (between the backchat) did occur.  I think that we now have the general structure for the Open Day in October, and I need to get some publicity out fast.  Stuttgart and next years NGSE show seem to be moderately under control.  It was suggested that we invest in some modelling tools such as a static grass applicator, to be shared between members.  We’ll look at this one, and work out how to manage the loan system, so things don’t go walkies.  It’s usually not deliberate, but us aging modellers have terrible memories….

So onward (but not necessarily upward) into another year…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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