Modelling idea – sinkholes

A modelling idea that is very close to home….

Sinkholes are all the rage these days, even with their own TV series.  We had our own personal sinkhole last weekend just down the road in Hooley Lane.  A burst water main was responsible, causing a flood that fortunately stayed out of the nearby houses.  However, an Ocado grocery delivery van was less lucky when the driver either failed to spot the hole under water, or tried to drive around it.  He wasn’t hurt, and was provided with hot, sweet, tea by the neighbours.

The scene below does have some potential for a layout cameo.

Fortunately, the railway isn’t affected, as this is the London-Brighton main line.  They got the van out safely, and the driver wasn’t injured, but the road will be closed for repairs to the water main and the road for a week.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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