TINGS 2018 #1

Off to The International N Gauge Show on Saturday, with a car load of club members.  110 miles to get there, almost all on motorway, and the roads were delightfully trouble free – the early start was worth it.  ESNG were well represented at the show, with Sean’s Forrestone and Martin’s St Elizabeth Street placed next to each other.  Allan, Geoff and Neil were ‘helping’, though the Cha(I)rman was a bit confused operating the layout off an iPad.


It was also good to see some friends from N-Club International, with groups from Germany and Austria forming a large modular layout, including a narrow gauge N-m interchange and branch line.


Ollie was there in the setup with his modules.

And Duncan with his N-m layout.

Elsewhere in the hall, ‘Bear Creek’ is set in Western Canada….


Into the mountains with the ‘Black Diamonds’ N-track USA modular layout.  This layout was more compact (large rather than enormous) than in previous years, and they kept a regular stream of trains running through spectacular scenery.

A quiet corner of ‘Atlantic Road’.

Melton Mowbray (North) is an accurate model of this long-gone station, showing it in its former glory in the 1950’s.  This layout was certainly one of the best on display.


Finally for today, ‘Depot de Camion’, a busy little layout set in Switzerland.

More layouts next post.

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