ESNG meeting – 15 May 2019

A rather quiet evening, with just the seven of us at club night.  We were missing both the Cha(I)rman (missing on a milk round) and the Chairman Elect (just missing), and a few others.  But we quickly set up some track and ran some trains.

I had put together a mixed rake of BR Mk 1, Bullied, Stanier and Hawksworth carriages, to make the sort of mixed rake found in early BR days.  These looked good behind first a Warship….


And then a Western…..

No. 1 son Michael lowered the tone slightly with some recent Ebay purchases – that all ran very well.  He also had Annie and Clarabel and some Troublesome Trucks….


And from the ridiculous to the sublime (or vice versa.)  Derek’s neat Hunslet diesel conversion pushing a rail-wheeled Landrover (the motor is in the Hunslet.)

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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