Our regular holiday interlude – 1

It’s been a very lazy June that seems to have just drifted by. Not many exhibitions to visit, and no real incentive to get on and do some modelling. On a personal note, it was an auspicious month for the Bartlett’s, though – eldest daughter Ruth got engaged in Berlin (I’d better start saving), and Maxine and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Not entirely sure what the secret of our success is, though – model trains probably have something to do with it!

But July usually brings relief to this poor blogger, as Allan and Ron head for Switzerland (you could set your watch by them) and send back some holiday snaps – hopefully with some trains in some of them, and not just Ron’s exotic meals!

We caught the late running 0842 from Purley direct to Gatwick Airport. We dropped our bags off two and a half hours before our flight and was told by the machine that the flight was delayed 30 mins.

Our scheduled 1155 flight eventually took off around 1250. Instead of scheduled arrival of 1430 we touched down in Basle at 1500 and were told by flight crew that the temperature was 38°. We bussed in but had a tour of the airport before reaching terminal.  Having cleared passport control we found our cases already going round on the carousel.

We walked outside the terminal to find a bus into town waiting. We managed to get to the station in time to catch the 1559 Interlaken train and thus reached Lauterbrunnen at 1825. Only pictures today are those taken from our balcony.


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