An interesting concept?

Received an email today:


Hoping this will be of interest to your members.

Over the last year or so I’ve been developing a soundscape system for my model railway. Basically it’s a set of web pages that pipe controlled sounds into your layout via bluetooth speakers set in parts of the scenery, sounds include animals, birds, vehicles and possibly of most interest a working station tannoy.

The system is now to a standard where it shows what is possible given time.

The soundscape can be found at :-

I would be very grateful if you could take a quick look, any feedback would be most welcome whether good or bad!

It’s free to use but of course a small donation would be most welcome to help with the cost of the Tannoy voices and more sounds.


Martin Murdoch.
Also available on Facebook

This appears an interesting approach to sound – concentrating on the ambient surroundings rather than the trains themselves.  It could be of real interest for small layouts, where a few speakers could give real atmosphere – unless off course it just gets annoying!

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