Odd modelling ideas #3216

Sorry, but there hasn’t been much blogging time this week, as real life seems to have caught up with me!

However, if you want a simple paint-only conversion for your layout, that will provoke comment from rivet counters – or at least from farmers – try this:

Why do zebras have stripes? Japanese researchers had a theory that they wanted to test out: that the stripes confused flies, who then bit the zebras less often than they would if they had no stripes. But how to test this? Well, why not paint some stripes on cows?

Sure enough, the striped bovines had 50 percent less flea bites than their plain-jane sisters

American modellers have ready made Santa Fe stipes on their decal sheets!

Through next week, I’ll post some pictures from the Farnham and from the Croydon shows.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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