A strange situation….

What a different world we live in all of a sudden.  I spent Sunday evening and Monday talking to people and closing down (1) The NGSE show, (2) East Surrey N Gauge Club, and (3) Our church.  My phone was red hot with texts, emails and WhatsApp messages.  With respect to the show, I was pleasantly surprised by the string of good wishes and even offers of cash that appeared from exhibitors and potential punters.

It’s difficult to see where this is all going.  Certainly, a string of model railway exhibitions -have cancelled – though that is trivial compared with the potential loss of life – possibly of friends and family.  Businesses will suffer, so I warmed to the idea of ordering on-line the ‘essentials’ you were going to buy at NGSE (or any other show), and help the retailers.  I have done just that.

We will all miss club nights.  I must confess that most ESNG meetings are special because of meeting good friends – the trains have become an added bonus.  And what will happen to the ESNG Curry Club?  Will Miles survive a lock-in without curry????

But silver linings, I am finding time for a little railway modelling.  Hopefully, reports will follow in future posts.  And the timing of a purchase of an Amazon Firestick was perfect.  Originally bought because of terrible 4G interference – even with a filter – on the TV, it now means Mrs Bartlett, if locked-in, can watch all 397 episodes of ‘Death in Paradise.’  Whilst I bemoan the lack of rugby….

And I have found the appropriate album to listen to in the present crisis (haven’t heard this since my university days!)

It also occurs to me that COVID-19 is a bit like the children getting nits at school – you immediately start itching whether you get them or not!  Every cough, headache or any temperature immediately starts you thinking!!

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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