And now for something completely different!

All still OK in Chateau Bartlett!  I’ve done more modelling in a week than the previous 6 months (though my better half will probably soon mention the garden.)

But I thought I’d mention this link on Facebook, for those who missed it.  To compensate for all the cancelled exhibitions here in the UK, someone had the inspired idea of an on-line show.  It was only meant to run for the weekend, but by popular demand will remain on-line till Friday.  Lots of excellent modelling on show.  [Edited this morning] It was meant to run till Friday, but some clowns started being abusive about some posts.  So, sorry everyone, it’s gone.  Hopefully, it will be repeated.

But here are a few highlight (almost randomly chosen from the thousands of photos posted.)


And a little real life switching.  Very tight curves, and that loco only just fits in the brewery!

And I’ll add this picture, as it’s so life-like!

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